the days of awe


this is the time of year in the jewish calendar that is the most profound, a period of ten “High Holy Days” that begin the new jewish calendar year. these days are also called the “days of awe”.

basically, there are three steps to these “days of awe”. they are for anyone who is inspired by them. (you don’t have to be jewish.) here’s my watered-down version:

step one: to remember — what you have done in the past year, how you’ve been & how you’ve acted to others.

step two: find the time and space for yourself to (re)envision what is possible for you. think about who you could become. dream big and be realistic. look at the major relationships in your life — with your partner, your family members, your friends, at work, with housemates, etc. — and think about how you’ve gone astray, what has contributed to this, and what  you would need to do to get back on track.

step three: profoundly commit to new changes you want to make. imagine what kinds of obstacles or barriers might get in your way. come up with a concrete plan to overcome potential obstacles. write it out. share it with others to help keep you accountable.

to each one of us becoming more of whom we wish to be,



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